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Cement Cleaner Buyer’s Guide: Everything you Need to Know

Choosing the right cement cleaner is tricky. Home renovations and construction lead to concrete spills that tend can cause a lot of problems. Concrete gets into drainage pipes, conduits, or onto surfaces and then hardens. When this happens, there are only a handful of options that solve the problem.

One option is to chisel away the hardened concrete. The problem is that hardened concrete can cause expensive damage. As a result, the best option is to use a concrete dissolver to eliminate the problem. But choosing a concrete cleaner that doesn’t cause unwanted damage isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. One wrong choice and you will end up with a chemical that damages the areas you are trying to save.

So we’ve put together a buyer’s guide that will help you choose the best cement cleaner. Let’s get started!

Choose an Eco-Friendly Concrete Dissolver

Some concrete dissolvers contain chemicals that leak into wastewater. That water then flows into rivers, canals, or the ground. So it ends up causing more harm than good.

In today’s world, there’s no reason to use chemicals that are harmful to the environment. After all, we’re supposed to leave the world better than we found it. There are so many eco-friendly options available that it makes no sense to choose a damaging concrete cleaner.

Eco-friendly concrete cleaners are in the same price range as their dangerous counterparts. It makes sense to choose the one that’s not going to harm the environment.

Cement Cleaners Come in Different Containers

Concrete dissolvers come in two different types of containers – spray bottles and jugs. The type of dissolver you choose will depend on the severity of the concrete blockage. So let’s look at the difference between the two types of containers.

Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are easy to use. The dissolver comes premixed so all that’s required is to spray it onto the affected area. However, this type of solution isn’t as strong as its counterpart.


The concrete cleaner that comes in a jog is concentrated so it must be mixed with water. This type of dissolvent is powerful but it requires a professional to ensure proper use. Products like Croc Crete fall into this category.

Formulation of Concrete Cleaner is Important

You don’t have to understand every detail of the complex ingredients used in cement cleaner. But you must understand enough to spot chemicals that can harm your property. Make sure the concrete dissolvent you choose doesn’t contain acids or other corrosive substances. Harmful acids will remove more than concrete. It damages pipes, surfaces, and other valuable property.

Well-known brands like Croc Crete don’t contain any of these harmful acids or corrosive elements. This makes them a safe choice. The reason brands like Croc Crete are safer is because they invest in research & development. As a result, they improve their formula to be more stable on the market.

On the flip side, lesser-known brands have to cut corners, which results in a lower quality product. Even though these products cost less, they risk causing expensive damage.

Pay Attention to Price

Price is a significant factor when choosing a concrete cleaner. This doesn’t mean you can simply choose the cheapest product though. There needs to be balanced. Consider all of the costs involved. Cheaper products can cause damage that is more expensive than paying full price for the better dissolver.

In most cases, the best way to save money is to make sure you buy the right amount. If you don’t need five gallons, then don’t buy a five-gallon jug. One gallon is more than enough!

Spray bottles also cost less. Just make sure you factor in effectiveness. How many applications of cement cleaner will it take to do the job? Most of the time, a concentrated cement dissolver is the better alternative.

Concrete Cleaner Safety Tips

Concrete cleaners like Croc Crete are developed for professional use only. Homeowners should not use them. With that said, here are some tips to follow when using any brand of concrete dissolvent.

  • Always read the label and follow its instructions.
  • Test the concrete cleaner on a smaller area before exposing a full surface to it.
  • Use gloves and other necessary safety equipment. Wash your skin immediately if it comes into contact with the cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions related to concrete cleaners so let’s wrap up this blog post by answering a few of them.

Can a Homeowner Use a Concrete Cleaner?

It depends on the amount of hardened concrete that you need to remove. It’s possible to remove small residue with a concrete dissolving spray. These are generally safe for homeowner use. But if the hardened area is too large to use a spray, then you need an industrial-strength solution. Products like Croc Crete are designed for professional use only.

Which Cement Cleaner is the Best?

Biodegradable concrete dissolvers that don’t contain acids or corrosive ingredients are the best. Croc Crete has established itself as a top brand because it fits that criteria. Of course, it might not fit everyone’s criteria. Just be sure that you don’t use a cheap product that damages your precious property.

Can I Use Vinegar as a Concrete Dissolver?

This is a common DIY tip that’s spread around everywhere but it’s not true. Vinegar is acidic. The problem is that it’s not strong enough to dissolve hardened concrete. Furthermore, vinegar damages smooth finishes on certain surfaces so it’s a bad idea to use it.

Final Thoughts

Concrete is easy to spill regardless of the precautions taken when pouring it. A good concrete cleaner will save those valuable surfaces. Investing in a brand like Croc Crete will save you time and money. It removes pesky concrete splatters and spills with ease.

With that in mind, Croc Crete is designed for professional use only. Homeowners should contact a professional if their concrete blockage is too large to deal with on their own.

Croc Crete is the best cement cleaner on the planet. It’s safe for the environment and won’t damage valuable property. More importantly, it combats concrete at its source and rids you of the problem once and for all! Click here to learn more about Croc Crete and see how it will help you.

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