Croc Crete

Professional Strength Concrete Dissolver

For Professional Use Only

Croc Crete is a groundbreaking concrete remover chemical that removes concrete, dissolves mortar, tile grout, and floor leveling compound from blocked pipes and conduits. This powerful compound will not damage important structures along the way!

Learn How It Works

Croc-Crete’s biodegradable solution dissolves intrusive concrete with ease. It clears blockages in pipelines and conduits of all shapes and sizes by dissolving the cement binding agents found in various types of concrete mixtures. This concrete remover chemical also has an astonishingly low cost when compared to other solutions. It costs thousands less than traditional repair techniques and doesn’t risk damaging expensive pipelines.

Here’s a video that shows Croc Crete in action!

Croc Crete

Concrete Dissolver

Easily Clears Blocked Pipes from Concrete, dissolves Mortar, Tile Grout, and Floor Leveling Compound.

Croc Crete is an industrial-strength concrete softener and chemical dissolver designed with one purpose in mind-dissolving concrete! It’s developed by Professionals! Croc Crete works on every type of cement product imaginable.

Cement gets everywhere when it’s being poured. Traditionally, this led to expensive and timely repairs. Talk about a headache! The development of Croc Crete became the cure.

Why pay thousands for those expensive repairs? Croc Crete costs a fraction of that and achieves the same result. It’s even better because it doesn’t risk damaging pipes and conduits! This solution attacks cement at its source, softening it so that the concrete can easily be removed.

This product is not intended for homeowners. If you are a homeowner, contact a local professional to handle this product.

How to dissolve concrete?

Croc Crete is perfect for removing concrete from PVC pipes, cast iron pipes, and even delicate copper pipes. Just keep in mind that copper pipes require more care. This chemical dissolver solution is engineered to combat cement by dissolving it at its core. Furthermore, Croc Crete will not damage the pipes when it comes into contact with them.

Croc Crete Concrete Remover Chemical
Croc-Crete Uses & Materials Needed to Get the Job Done Right

Why Use Croc Crete?

Careless application of cement leads to blockages in pipes and conduits. As a result, you need a solution to this problem of construction that will come to a halt! There are two choices: costly repairs that risk damaging the pipes. No one wants that! The other solution is Croc Crete. This chemical solution weakens concrete without causing damage to pipes. After which, the concrete can be removed using one of the many cleaning tools at your disposal.

Benefits of Croc Crete

Croc Crete removes concrete from difficult-to-reach places without costing you thousands of dollars! It’s easy to use, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly. This cement remover is also available across the USA and around the world. It provides the easiest solution to pipelines that are clogged with concrete allowing easy removal.

Concrete Dissolver
concrete remover chemical

Do You Really Need It?

It depends on your perspective. Do you have thousands to waste on replacing or manually removing concrete from pipes? Of course not! Then the answer is yes. You need Croc Crete!

This groundbreaking solution is new to the market. But the concept is actually quite simple. Expose concrete to Croc Crete and it breaks it down. This allows it to easily be cleaned from pipes and conduits using traditional means. All of this is achieved without damaging pipes!


Croc Crete is developed for professional use only. Homeowners looking to unblock pipelines should contact local plumbing, drain, or sewer companies to handle this product.

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