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Professional Concrete Dissolver

Have you hired a contractor? Croc Crete® is a concrete remover chemical that solves a common problem on construction sites. Cement unfortunately finds its way into pipes and drains during construction. No matter how much workers try and prevent it, cement still manages to find a way into the worst of places. This leads to expensive and risky repairs. Croc Crete® was created to be used by professionals and is an economical solution to this costly problem. Croc Crete® expertly removes concrete from drains and pipes by fighting the problem at its core. It attacks concrete by breaking it down to its base element. Workers are able to then clear the blockage with ease. 

Removing a Concrete Blockage from Pipes

Concrete blockage is quite common on construction sites. There are two ways to fix the problem. One is expensive and risky while the other using cutting-edge innovation to attack the problem at its source. If you are a contractor looking to remove a concrete blockage, Croc Crete® is a simple, effective, and economical solution.

Additional Information

Molecular Breakthrough

Advanced formula dissolves concrete at its core, clearing pipes effortlessly.

Hidden Blockage Buster

Clears tough buildup in pipes, saving you from costly replacements.

Pipe-Friendly Solution

Preserves pipe integrity, suitable for all pipe types.


Saves money and the environment with its biodegradable formula.

Pro-Grade Confidence

Gives the pros peace of mind with its efficient, pipe-safe design.

Traditional Method

Cement blockages are common on new construction and remodel jobs. The traditional approach has workers removing cement from fragile pipes and drains using a jackhammer or diamond blades. Both of these are risky to say the least. They damage pipes and potentially cost thousands in repairs. In the past, this was the only option. Workers cut open the affected areas just to reach the cement blockage. This destroys the finished product! Although experts repair the damage after the blockage is removed, the entire process decimates a construction budget! This process, while effective, is no longer necessary. With Croc Crete®, professionals can remove the blockage without unnecessary damage. 

Croc Crete®: Concrete Dissolver

Croc Crete® is a concrete remover chemical, for use by professionals, that combats the blockage at its source! It’s a biodegradable solution that converts cement back to its base form. Workers are able to use much less destructive methods to then clean away the concrete. There’s no need to destroy pipes and drains. Say goodbye to jackhammers and diamond saws! This safe solution literally saves thousands of dollars in repairs when compared to the traditional approach. Croc Crete® results in clean pipes and drains without having to defer to destructive methods.

How to Use Croc Crete®

Gather all of the required tools such as a sewer camera, wet/dry vacuum, hydro-jet or other professional drain tools. The first step is to determine how much to use. This is accomplished by measuring the size of the blockage and noting its severity. For instance, a pushrod and testball will be required if the blockage is not a solid slug.

  • Sewer Camera / Scope
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • Water point or Hydro-jet
  • Flex shaft or rod
  • Croc Crete®
  • Proper PPE for user


Croc Crete® is engineered for professional use only. It is not intended for use by homeowners. If you’re a homeowner, then please contact a professional to handle this product.

Determine the amount of Croc-Crete® required to dissolve the blockage by using our detailed formula. Inspect the blockage. If the blockage is not a solid slug, a pushrod and testball may be needed. It’s important to note that concrete mixtures that contain special polymers may be resistant to Croc-Crete®. They will reduce its effectiveness.

Review our Safety Data Sheet and prepare the work area. Verify that the proper safety equipment is available. Also double-check the ventilation to make sure it’s up-to-par before treating the area. Protect all surfaces around the area using plastic.

Apply Croc-Crete® to the affected area by pouring it into the pipe or conduit. Leave it in contact with the slug for up to 48 hours. Agitate the affected area every 24 hours. After the allotted time has elapsed, remove the liquid solution and reapply. Read our instruction sheet for ways to expedite the process. This sheet is provided when purchasing Croc-Crete®.

Inspect the slug between treatments and gauge the progress of Croc-Crete®.  The portland cement will dissolve leaving only aggregate. Using a sewer machine, hydro-jet, or a wet/dry vacuum remove the remaining debris.

How much concrete remover chemical do I need to clear a blockage?

Applications take anywhere from 1 to 2.5 gallons of Croc Crete® to clear concrete. The exact amount depends on the severity of the blockage, cement composition, and the type of blockage. Determine the severity of the blockage by using a sewer camera. Contractors may always contact us for an instructional guide to decide how much Croc Crete® is required to clear a blockage.

How's a Concrete Dissolver Work?

Croc-Crete® combats concrete at its source by softening it. This makes it easy to remove using traditional methods like wet-vacuum, rodding, and hydro-jetting. Concrete is transformed to its base elements after coming into contact with this powerful concrete remover chemical. Over time will be reduced to just sand and gravel.

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