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Concrete Dissolvers and Removers: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Throughout time, we have been using concrete as a durable material for making homes, buildings, walkways, and slabs. Thanks to its extreme durability, concrete can withstand weather conditions and high-stress forces.

Surprisingly, the problem of removing it is also linked to its strength. Whether you want to make some renovations or your drain pipelines get blocked with unwanted concrete during construction, it becomes extremely hard or impossible to remove.

With so much high compressive strength, concrete is difficult to break down into pieces using physical tools. Moreover, when you have a blockage in conduit, drains, or pipelines that are out of reach with traditional tools, it becomes next to impossible to remove the concrete. That’s where the use of chemical dissolvers comes into play.

What if there was a way to remove stuck concrete in hard-to-reach areas like conduits, drains, or pipelines? Here’s why concrete chemical dissolvers are a preferred method for removing concrete!

What is a concrete remover chemical?

A concrete remover chemical, also known as a concrete dissolver, is a concentrated mixture of acidic detergents. It reacts with the concrete to dissolve it, making it easier to remove and clear the issue.

Concrete remover chemicals are here to help you with post-installation cleaning or removal. It is an effective and easy method. It is impressively good when you need to remove concrete blockages in pipelines or conduits.

What are the benefits of using a concrete remover chemical?

Undoubtedly, concrete remover chemical in the USA is quite a new technology. However, you will see that using a concrete remover chemical in the USA has several benefits over the traditional methods.

Here are the benefits of using chemicals to break up concrete:

  • Cost-effective and easy to use.

  • No need for heavy equipment.

  • Ideal to remove concrete residues on surfaces and in pipelines.

  • Unlike other physical tools usage, no dust and noise complaints.

  • Non-explosive.

  • No surface damages.

  • Vanishes after use giving an earlier state to the surface.

  • Suitable for use on paint, glass, plastics, and most metal surfaces.

  • Non-caustic and water-based.

  • Easily applicable to physically unreachable spots.

Is a concrete remover chemical the easiest way to remove concrete?

Breaking concrete becomes tiresome and painful without the right tools and methods. However, this method mainly depends on the type of concrete you are planning to destroy.

If you want to remove concrete on a larger scale then using physical tools would be preferable. Some common tools for removing concrete in bulk are Jackhammers, sledgehammers, pry bars, rotary hammers, and others.

Concrete removing chemicals is a suitable method especially when you are looking to remove concrete from various types of pipelines. It is also convenient to remove concrete without damaging the surrounding surfaces which in most cases are already completed.

Croc-Crete concrete remover and dissolver chemical: Made in the USA!

Croc Crete Concrete Dissolver – Best for clearing pipelines, conduits, drains, and more!

Croc-Crete is a cost-effective and easy-to-use biodegradable solution. It dissolves Portland-based concrete, mortar, tile grout, and floor leveling compound mixtures. No matter which types of concrete mixtures are stopping the pipelines, Croc-Crete can easily clear blockages.

How to use Croc-Crete concrete remover & dissolver?

There are some basic concrete remover chemicals available today, however, none of them compare to Croc-Crete’s formula. Croc-Crete concrete dissolver was designed by professionals for professionals and made in the USA! Here is an overview of its use:

  1. Determine the type and length of the concrete blockage.

  2. Apply the correct amount of Croc-Crete making sure it does not flow past the blockage to the affected area and let sit.

  3. Agitate the surface and remove the chemical and reapply every 24 hours until the blockage is gone.

  4. Using a sewer camera inspection and hydro jet any remaining debris out of the pipeline.

Dissolving concrete in pipes or from surfaces is simple as well. All you need to do is to pour the chemical on the surface or down the pipe where concrete is present. After that, make sure it stays in contact with the concrete.

Summing up for you!

As contractors know, concrete finds its way into conduits and drains during remodels or construction. If hardened, it becomes impossible to remove it without destroying the affected area to replace the pipelines. Undoubtedly, concrete and a cement remover chemical is the most efficient and economical technique to get rid of that unwanted concrete.

Croc Crete is one of the best concrete remover chemicals that is made in the USA. It assists in removing unwanted concrete in your pipelines and conduits. It is an industrial-level chemical and has minimal negative effects on the pipelines when in contact.

Are you a professional with a concrete blockage? Stop worrying and give us a call for a free consultation! Visit us at or buy now! Croc-Crete is available in three different sizes. Available for bulk orders as well.


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