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What makes super quick concrete dissolver worthful?

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A super quick concrete dissolver is a liquid that helps to remove stuck dried-up concrete that causes blockages. Sometimes, concrete gets stuck into sewers and other drainage pipes in public areas, and heavy loading areas and need urgent solutions. Traditional methods are not very efficient and for public places, it is difficult to manage. Super quick concrete dissolver is an excellent solution for such a problem as it manages to remove dried concrete in a short time in addition, it is easy to use.

Super-quick concrete dissolver

Croc Crete is a super quick concrete dissolver made up of a biodegradable solution of chemicals that work to remove dried and struck concrete. This product is super affordable and works by eating away at the binding components in concrete. In addition, Croc Crete guarantees instant results along with many other benefits.

What makes Croc Crete worthy?

Super easy to use

Superquick dissolver Croc Crete is “super easy” to use and involves easy steps:

STEP 1: Pour the superquick concrete dissolver into the desired area and wait.

STEP 2: Let the active formula work for a few minutes. In case of heavily blocked drainage pipes and sewers let them sit for a while.

STEP 3: Then remove the grayish paste formed or with the help of hydro jetting get rid of the residue.

What function does it involve?

Concrete can be hard to remove at times because its major ingredients include portland cement which acts as a binding material. Our super quick concrete dissolver works by breaking the bonds in the hard structure of cement present in concrete, turning it to the liquid mud. Furthermore, this process takes less time as compared to other cleaning procedures out there and is also efficient in its working.



Super quick concrete dissolver is decomposable and biodegradable. Its environmental-friendly solution does not harm any living species making it more worthful.


The eco-friendly solution of concrete dissolver is effective and works to cut every bit of dried stuck concrete. It is efficacious and quick.


Super quick concrete dissolver is cheap and is available to everyone who needs it. This makes it a worthy product that should be present in every home.


The dissolver once subjected to the affected area works on its own and does not need any manpower. In addition, the super blend of chemicals in Croc Crete is enough for the removal of dried stuck concrete.


Croc Crete is easy to use and quick in its working and gives the best results in less time.

Fully functional:

Super quick concrete dissolver, Croc Crete is functional and every bit of it takes part in its cleaning action.


What conditions should be there for using a concrete dissolver?

Optimum air temperature :

It should be kept in mind that the concrete dissolver should not be used at any place in high or low temperatures as it will not produce the required results. It is advisable to carry out the process when the temperature is moderate to get the best results.

Patch test :

For large-scale operations, it is mandatory to carry out a patch test first. So, that one can know how much of the dissolver is required for large-scale operations.



Even though super quick concrete dissolver is quite safe to use but still safety precautions should be taken into consideration whilst dealing with super quick concrete dissolvers. Fully consult the MSDS before use of Croc Crete.

1. Wear gloves

Wearing gloves before using any chemical product is advisable as it saves our hands from skin problems.

2. Wear a proper mask

Masks help to reduce chemical inhalation in the respiratory tract.

3. Work carefully

Careful handling of chemical products is necessary as it reduces the risk of chemical damage to the skin. 



It is evident that a person facing the problem of concrete blockage has two distinct options:

He can opt for industrial repair help with involves demolition. Or he can use Croc Crete which is a super quick concrete dissolver, requiring no destruction or mess. Croc Crete suits all budgets and performs its function rapidly. It is very difficult to remove the spilled and dried-up concrete but Croc Crete eases your worry by attacking the cement present in concrete and converting it into a mild liquid that can be rather easily eliminated. Furthermore, it saves your quality time.

So, it is your choice whether you opt for some other method or use the all-in-one dissolver Croc Crete.

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Availability of our product

Our product is available in 1-gallon, 2.5 gallons, and 5 gallons, and is available in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

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