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Croc Crete®

Croc Crete®

Croc Crete® is a groundbreaking concrete remover chemical that removes concrete, dissolves mortar, tile grout, and floor leveling compound from blocked pipes and conduits.

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How Does Croc Crete®’s

Concrete Dissolver Work

Croc Crete®’s concrete dissolver is a remover and dissolver solution for concrete that is super-potent yet environmentally-friendly. It breaks down the molecular bonds in concrete, allowing it to be returned to a loose mixture that can be easily washed away to clear blocked pipes and conduits. Croc Crete®’s unique concrete dissolver formula is biodegradable and environmentally friendly while being gentle on PVC pipes. Because of its exceptional de-bonding properties while being gentle to surfaces and drainage pipes, Croc Crete®’s industrial-strength concrete remover is safe to be poured down drains to remove concrete in pipes and conduits.

Croc Crete® Concrete Remover

Croc Crete®’s concrete remover is a biodegradable and environmentally-safe solution that dissolves and removes mortar, tile grout, concrete, and cement from tough to access locations like drain pipes, plumbing systems and conduits. Croc Crete® is an easy, safe, time-saving and cost-effective solution to removing construction material buildups such as floor-leveling compounds, mortar, grout, etc. from inside drain pipes. Croc Crete®’s heavy duty concrete dissolver saves its customers thousands of dollars by eliminating the need to dig up the plumbing system to remove obstructions caused by construction compounds. Instead, Croc Crete®’s concrete dissolver and remover makes it super-easy to remove all construction compound build ups inside pipes and plumbing systems. Instead of digging up the whole plumbing system to remove blockages, Croc Crete®’s remarkable concrete mortar dissolver and remover simply needs to be poured down the pipes and it softens all construction compounds so they can easily be washed down the plumbing system. Because Croc Crete®’s concrete remover and dissolver is biodegradable, it doesn’t hurt the planet while clearing up your plumbing system from all kinds of blockages. Croc Crete®’s cement dissolver is tough on concrete, cement, mortar, grout and floor-leveling compounds yet is gentle to PVC and cast iron pipes. Croc Crete® concrete remover even works on delicate copper pipes but requires a bit more care while doing so. Check out this video on how easily Croc Crete®’s concrete dissolver can dissolve construction compound buildup, safely and effectively. Now, you don’t need to spend a fortune to remove cement-based blockages from your pipes; Croc Crete® can dissolve all concrete, mortar, grout and cement blockages at a FRACTION of the price of plumbing repairs while being gentle on the plumbing system. Easy, affordable and effective – that’s what Croc Crete® is all about. Checkout this video on how easily Croc Crete® dissolves cement-based compounds.


Croc Crete® is developed for professional use only. Homeowners looking to unblock pipelines should contact local plumbing, drain, or sewer companies to handle this produt.

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*Discoloration may occur to some surfaces. Always test prior to use.

This product is not intended for homeowners. If you are a homeowner contact a local professional to handle this product.

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