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Have you ever come across the trouble caused by stuck, dried-up concrete that won’t come off easily? We all know concrete is something that can spill at any time during application. The traditional techniques of industrial concrete cleaning, most of the time don’t seem to be a good idea as it is less effective, costly, and time-consuming. However, the solution to this problem lies in using a biodegradable industrial concrete cleaner that helps to remove dried concrete more efficiently and effectively.

The secret to removing dried concrete effortlessly

Croc Crete is a biodegradable solution concrete remover that not only removes the dried concrete stuck in pipes but also cleans tile grout, mortar, and concrete slurry in a span of a short period and works very efficiently. In addition, the cleaning is effective and fruitful. What makes it more special is that it won’t leave a scratch and works efficaciously. Croc Crete is safe and effective in removing dried concrete from PVC pipes. It’s also perfect to remove dried concrete from cast iron pipes, ABS pipes, copper pipes, fiberglass pipes, glass pipes, HDPE pipes, and rubber pipes. It won’t damage pipelines or conduits.

Remarkable features of Croc Crete

Effectiveness: The effectiveness of any product should be considered while purchasing it. This cleaner cleans effectively and removes stuck, dried concrete.

Economical: The product is quite economical as compared to other cleaning procedures. It offers excellent cleaning at a low cost.

Eco-friendly: Being bio-degradable, this product is 100% non-toxic making it environment-friendly.

Fully functional: Every drop of it plays a role in removing dried concrete easily and efficiently.

Rapid-action: It produces quick results within a short period, unlike, other industrial cleaning procedures.

Easy-to-use: This product is quite easy to use undoubtedly and the biodegradable ingredient in it offers a rather easy process to remove dried concrete.

What makes Croc Crete more unique than other cleaning agents out there?

Dried concrete can be a serious problem, especially in drain pipes where no active formula produces quick results. Muriatic acid, sulphuric acid, and phosphoric acid take hours of cleaning, and the cleaning is not quite efficient. Traditional repair techniques involve destroying the surrounding structures to access the pipeline, which is very costly. So biodegradable and non-toxic solution of Croc Crete is the best alternative which is a groundbreaking concrete remover chemical that removes dried concrete and dissolves mortar, tile grout, and floor leveling compound from blocked pipes and conduits. This powerful compound will not damage important structures along the way. Croc Crete’s active chemical ingredients target the Portland cement to dissolve the mixture.

Guidelines to remove dried concrete

  • Let the concrete dry completely by using a vacuum cleaner that would remove water and debris.
  • Pour some quantity of Croc Crete into the blocked pipe. The quantity of the dissolver depends upon how much concrete you need to remove or the length of the blockage.
  • Let it work for some time say 24 hours and pour some more if needed. The dissolver will soften it. And then with the help of hydro jetting (high-velocity water pressure through a nozzle), the concrete is removed.

In a nutshell

Concrete is a composite material that hardens over time if spilled somewhere and left unchecked. We all are aware of the fact that the best method to protect something is to take some precautionary measures. However, in adverse circumstances, concrete may spill into a pipe and block it. But Croc Crete is always on your side. Furthermore, its eco-friendly nature, ultimate power, rapid action, and great effectiveness Croc Crete weaken the cement present in stuck-dried concrete, and then the relatively soft concrete could be removed very easily with any of the removal apparatus.

But it is still a matter of opinion whether or not you want to buy Croc Crete. The question is do you want your hard-earned money wasted on some traditional repair techniques, or do you want your money invested in fully functional, economical, and highly efficient concrete dissolver; Croc Crete?


You can get your hands easily on Croc Crete as it is available via online in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Keep in mind

Croc Crete is designed for professional use only. Homeowners should seek a licensed professional to apply this product. We also offer free phone or email consultations to service professionals dealing with concrete blockages.

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