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How to remove concrete from drain pipe?

Using a concrete dissolver for pipes is the best way to clean up problems caused by clumsy contractor mistakes. This happens more frequently than you might imagine! So equip yourself with the knowledge to salvage clogged pipes and drains. 

How to Remove Concrete from Clogged Pipes and Drains

Use a concrete dissolver for pipes like Croc Crete to transform the cement back to its liquid form. Then a wet-vac or water jet can remove the liquefied concrete. The alternative is to chisel away the concrete, which will damage pipes and cost a lot of money. That’s the last thing you want!

Large clogs require several doses of a high quality concrete softener to remove the blockage. Fortunately, there are more options at your disposal.

Croc Crete is the best concrete dissolving agent on the planet! Its highly effective compound combats concrete at its core. Once Croc Crete reverts concrete back to its liquid state, washing it away is quite easy.

Other Options are Risky

It’s possible to flush the clogged pipe with water as long as the problem if caught in time. If not, then you’ll have to resort to drastic measures.

Mechanical tools are another option. But it’s risky. Taking pipes apart can cause damage and lead to expensive repairs. Always choose the option that is the least expensive. Factor in all long-term expenses too.

Using a concrete dissolver for pipes is the best option. It doesn’t risk damage to pipes. Croc Crete turns concrete back to its liquid form. Then a wet-vac or water jet will remove it. Furthermore, Croc Crete is biodegradable so it’s also safe for the environment.

How to Clear Concrete Blockage in a Drainage System

Here’s a look at the steps to remove concrete from pvc piping, pvc fitting, and other drainage system components.

Step 1

Remove any trapped water from the drainage area. This is done using cloths or a wet-vac. If the blockage is inside of the drainage pipe, then it needs to sit for a few days so that the water has time to dry.

Water negates the effect of cement softeners. So the area must be dry before using the product..

Step 2

Inspect the drain after it dries. If the blockage is in the pipeline, then use a Pipe CCTV to find the blockage. Professionals will be able to identify the type of concrete that causing the blockage and determine the best treatment. A flat colored light grey surface signals that the blockage is being caused by tiler’s grout or floor leveler.

Step 3

Remove concrete using the best method at your disposal. Chiseling only works if the concrete is on the surface. If the blockage is further in the pipe, then a plumber’s snake will clear it. Of course, both of those methods are risky and put the integrity of the pipes at risk.

The best method is to use a cement softener like Croc Crete. Apply it to the affected area for 12-24 hours. Croc Crete breaks concrete down to its liquid form and transforms it into sludge. Then a professional will reevaluate the drainage system to determine the best way to remove the sludge.

Step 4

In most cases, water will flush the remaining sludge down the drain. If there is a lot of buildup, then a plumber’s snake will break it apart even further.

Every job is different so contractors will use differing methods to remove the concrete. For large blockages, a jet blaster clears away the sludge. The fact is that cement softener reacts differently depending on the type of concrete causing the blockage. So contractors use their best judgment to clear the drainage system.

Drain Pipe blocked with concrete

Croc Crete dissolves the concrete so it can be easily washed away.

Take Appropriate Safety Precautions

Always wear safety equipment when handling cement dissolvers like Croc Crete. Wet concrete and dissolvent causes burns, blisters, and other detrimental effects to the skin. What makes it even worse is that cement burns have no warning symptoms. It doesn’t cause pain initially so individuals can’t rely on discomfort to alert them. Prevention is the best practice. Cover exposed areas of the skin to avoid contact.

Additionally, take the proper steps to prevent damage to surfaces surrounding the drain when using products like Croc Crete.

The Bottom Line

A concrete dissolver is the best solution for clearing blockage in drainage systems. Croc Crete is the best concrete dissolver on the market. Its patented formula combats cement at its source and reverts it to its base elements. Liquid concrete is then easily washed away to fully clear the drain.

Croc Crete is available 1 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon, and 5 Gallon containers. Contact us today to get your hands on the best concrete dissolver for pipes. Croc Crete is for professional use only. Homeowners should not try using this solution.

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