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Concrete spillage happens when you least expect it and creates a real mess. Whether you are building homes, commercial buildings, or pouring footers, it is hard to clean and a slow process trying to remove dried concrete off of surfaces. Practically, destroying your house or business to remove the pipe and replace them is not efficient, costly, and destructive to your property. So, the breakage of concrete through the use of effective chemicals becomes an utmost necessity. Now the question arises, how to choose such useful chemicals wisely?


The wondrous blend of Chemicals that breaks dried cement

Regardless of what circumstance you are in, you should choose the most effective chemical agent that helps in demolishing a concrete structure. Croc Crete is a bio-degradable, wondrous blend of chemicals that not only breaks up unnecessary, dried-up concrete but is also helpful in dealing with stuck mortar, tile grout, concrete slurry, and concrete residue. It is a concrete dissolver, made up of a fine combination of chemicals that ensures trouble-free breakage of bonds between concrete admixtures.


Mode of action

The basic ingredient of Croc Crete is a dissolving agent that when poured into holes, hoses, drainage pipes, ABS pipes or any other place it eats apart the concrete and weakens the cement and eventually breaks it apart. This is indeed a miracle product.


Benefits of breaking up concrete through chemicals

  • Noiseless breakage:

    Jackhammering, sawing, and drilling may prove to be effective methods for breaking up concrete but they have one serious disadvantage – they are noisy. In contrast, the usage of chemicals present in Croc Crete provides an entirely noise-free degradation of the stubborn dried concrete. The latter is even more effective than the former.

  • Less manpower required:

    In contrast to other methods employed for the breakage of concrete, Croc Crete is the only one that requires less manpower. One can simply pour the miraculous mixture into the troubled areas and the chemicals present in it would gradually soften the concrete which could be easily eliminated by using hydro-jetting.

  • Reliable:

    There are dozens of products for the chemical breakage of concrete in the market out there. But not all of them are to be relied upon. The buyer must keep in mind the cleaning action, building blocks, and efficiency of a product before buying it. Croc Crete is highly efficient and has a fast and noise-free cleaning action so a customer can fully trust it.

  • Pocket-friendly:

    Croc Crete is quite an economical and advantageous method used for the chemical breakage of concrete. It’s a cost-effective product and is inexpensive compared to traditional methods of removal.

  • No adverse reactions

    While using other agents for the breakage of concrete, one may encounter some side effects that can even damage the product ( say drainage pipes and other items of industrial and commercial importance ) but Croc Crete offers a complete breakage of stubborn concrete without a single adverse reaction. It contains “a biodegradable solution of chemicals” which perform their functions without damaging anything”.

  • Ready to use:

    Dried-up concrete can provide different problems. But with the miraculous blend of chemicals, Croc Crete can provide a safe solution as it is always ready to use and works to break concrete.

  • Instant results:

    Chemicals in Croc Crete, unlike the other agents, provide instant results that are quite appreciable.

  • Eco-friendly:

    Croc Crete consists of a biodegradable solution of chemicals that is quite eco-friendly and does not affect the environment adversely. It does not add pollutants to the environment. It plays a vital role in the chemical breakage of concrete.


The objective behind the formulation of Croc Crete

All of us know how important it is to know about the brands and ingredients before making a purchase. And the rule for choosing the best dissolver is essentially the same. The basic ingredients behind the formulation of Croc Crete are fine chemicals.  When the dissolver is poured into the dried and hardened concrete, it reduces the mechanical strength of the cement and other admixtures. So that over time hard concrete weakens and you can remove it easily.


To put it briefly

Concrete is a complex material made up of the amalgamation of cement and admixtures. It is the basic material for construction. If remain unchecked it spills and hardens causing trouble. In such circumstances, its breakage and its removal become the only option available. One has to opt for the best option required for its removal. The best option so far is the breakage of concrete through the use of chemicals. So, would you like to invest your money in something that is efficient and that is quite economical?



Croc Crete is available in stores and online in different sizes. Click here! to get more information about the product.

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