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Croc Crete® Concrete Dissolver

Croc-Crete®’s biodegradable solution dissolves intrusive concrete with ease. It clears blockages in pipelines and conduits of all shapes and sizes by dissolving the cement binding agents found in various types of concrete mixtures. This concrete remover chemical also has an astonishingly low cost when compared to other solutions. It costs thousands less than traditional repair techniques and doesn’t risk damaging expensive pipelines.

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Easily Clears Blocked Pipes from Concrete, Dissolves Mortar, Tile Grout, and Floor Leveling Compound.

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Croc Crete® Concrete Dissolver

Concrete Dissolver

Croc Crete® dissolves concrete quickly and effectively.

Affordable Repair Solution

Croc Crete® offers affordable repairs without pipe damage.

Safe for All Pipes

Croc Crete® is safe for PVC, copper, and cast iron pipes

Keeps Construction Going

Prevent construction delays with Croc Crete's® concrete removal.

Eco-Friendly Option

Croc Crete® is environmentally friendly for projects worldwide.

Simple and Effective

Croc Crete® dissolves concrete quickly and effectively.

Domestically Crafted

Proudly made and distributed in the United States, ensuring premium quality.

Expert Assistance

Access technical support from our team of engineers via phone or email for prompt solutions.

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Additional Information

Molecular Breakthrough

Advanced formula dissolves concrete at its core, clearing pipes effortlessly.

Hidden Blockage Buster

Clears tough buildup in pipes, saving you from costly replacements.

Pipe-Friendly Solution

Preserves pipe integrity, suitable for all pipe types.


Saves money and the environment with its biodegradable formula.

Pro-Grade Confidence

Gives the pros peace of mind with its efficient, pipe-safe design.

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