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Industrial Concrete Cleaner Benefits



Industrial concrete cleaning is a necessary practice that many construction companies need to perform regularly. This process can be complex, expensive, and time-consuming. However, by using a biodegradable industrial concrete cleaner, it becomes easy.


This article will discuss why you should use an industrial concrete cleaner when removing old concrete floors. And how biodegradable industrial concrete cleaning solutions can help you get the job done fast, safely, and cost-effectively.

6 Reasons to Use an Industrial Concrete Cleaner

floor care

There are many types of stains and dirt, including those caused by hardened concrete. It’s a good idea to use an industrial-strength concrete cleaner on pipes.

1.    Broad usage of industrial concrete cleaners

Whether you’re removing concrete from your driveway or garage, an industrial concrete remover will make the job easy. The industrial concrete remover works well on driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks. It is also ideal for removing concrete from floors and walls in residential or commercial buildings.


Using industrial concrete cleaners, you can remove granite, marble, terrazzo, concrete, tile grout, mortar, and floor-level compound mixtures. It can quickly clear clogs in conduits and a variety of pipelines.


2.   Quick results

Removing concrete with an industrial concrete cleaner is quick and easy because the product cuts through the material quickly. You won’t need to spend hours chipping away at your concrete with a hammer or chisel when you use this type of product.


When you use industrial concrete remover, you can be confident that the process is safe for you and the environment. Industrial-grade concrete cleaners go deep into your concrete’s surface and disintegrate it quickly without harming the environment.

3.   Leaves No Residue Behind

There are several industrial concrete removers on the market. Some will preserve your floors’ quality and texture after cleaning. Many industrial concrete removers will strip your floors clean and leave them shining while leaving hazardous chemical residues. These chemicals can cause severe damage to plants, animals, and humans.


However, with environmentally friendly products like Croc-Crete, you can remove concrete without harmful chemicals. This product allows for easy deleterious removal of concrete without causing health hazards to the user.


4.  Safe for your employees

When you use traditional methods for concrete removal, you expose yourself and your employees to harmful chemicals. These toxins are capable of causing severe health damage.


The toxins from the chemicals can damage their lungs, kidney, and other organs. The long-term effects of exposure to these chemicals are not well understood, but it is clear that they are dangerous to human health.


However, industrial concrete removal uses only natural products that do not harm people or animals. They do not cause any adverse side effects when used correctly. Employees with sensitive noses will appreciate a product devoid of a strong odor.


5.   It does not break down metals.

Many cleaners contain chemicals that might be harmful to metal components found in your building’s infrastructure.


These chemicals can corrode steel pipes and machinery, causing dangerous leaks that lead to environmental contamination and even explosions within your building’s structures.


An industrial concrete cleaner avoids these issues by using safe ingredients such as sodium percarbonate instead of acids or other caustic chemicals. You can clean metal pipes with industrial concrete cleaners like Croccrete without causing damage or rust.


6.  It does not cause skin irritation

Another advantage of using an industrial concrete remover is that it does not cause skin irritation as other methods do.


When using jackhammers, chisels or other manual methods of breaking up concrete, dust particles can become airborne and affect people’s respiratory systems and their eyesight if they are exposed for too long.


The biodegradable industrial concrete remover does not produce this type of dust. There is little risk of contamination or injury when using biodegradable industrial concrete removers. Their chemicals are user-friendly for accidental splash or contact reasons.

How to Select a Quality Industrial Concrete Cleaner

 A man holding an Industrial concrete cleaner
image of worker using Croccrete Industrial concrete cleaner

When choosing the right industrial concrete cleaner for use, consider some factors. These include environmental compatibility, pungent odor, biodegradability, cost, and ease of use.

●     Environmental compatibility

It is essential to choose an industrial cleaner that is more environmentally friendly. It helps reduce the risk of damage to nearby plants and animals. The best way to do this is by using biodegradable cleaners.


The safety of your employees should be your top priority when choosing an industrial cleaner. You want them to feel comfortable using these products around their work area without fearing any adverse effects on their health.


You should also request the service of a professional if you plan to use industrial concrete for domestic purposes.

●     Odor

Some industrial concrete cleaners have a long-lasting and unpleasant odor. The odor could be very unhealthy for workers with a high sense of smell. Therefore, it is vital to consider getting one with a pleasant smell that lingers only for a short while.


●     Biodegradability

An excellent industrial concrete cleaner has to be biodegradable regardless of the quantity used. A highly toxic residue must not be left behind after cleaning.

Concrete-clogged water pipes clean faster with a biodegradable industrial concrete cleaner instead of non-biodegradable alternatives.


●     Cost of Industrial concrete cleaners

Cost consideration is significant, especially for industries needing a good industrial concrete cleaner. The budget for cleaning can come with a huge financial implication for the company.

Therefore, it is essential to look out for cheap but quality industrial concrete cleaners.


●     Ease of use 

Easy-to-use industrial cleaners facilitate faster concrete removal. Concrete cleaners that take a longer time to work should be less considered. They unnecessarily increase the amount of time spent cleaning.

Chemical composition


Ensure that the industrial cleaner you choose has a chemical composition that will not damage your business environment or leave some hazardous residues when used. It is essential because you do not want to contaminate your working environment and compromise the health of your employees.

Ease of application

One of the primary considerations is the ease of application. You will want an industrial cleaner that is easy to apply without causing damage to your premises. An excellent industrial concrete cleaner should not leave behind residue when applying. It must be able to penetrate through corners without damaging the material itself.


Best Industrial concrete cleaner to use

There are several industrial concrete cleaners on the market with different features. Still, only a few stand out as the best.


Croccrete industrial concrete cleaner has all the necessary features to be considered the best. It works well for cleaning cast iron pipes, copper pipes, PVC pipes, and even industrial floors without causing damage to their quality or the environment.

You can also use it at home but with the help of a professional.


Biodegradable industrial concrete cleaners are an indispensable component of the industrial cleaning process. They make cleaning more straightforward, but industrial concrete cleaners also help preserve the quality of the material involved.

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