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How to clear a drain blocked by cement and concrete

How to clear a drain blocked by cement​ with CROC CRETE?

A common problem in United States and the world is how to clear a drain blocked by cement . Secondly With many new home constructions or home renovations not enough care is shown by contractors and these products find there way down the sewer or stormwater piping systems. Lastly and Most commonly is the trapped floor waste in a bathroom.

“My shower and bathroom floor-drain pipe is blocked with
Tilers Grout and Concrete run off!”

Croc Crete is a liquid solution that dissolves and softens concrete and other Portland cement products. Secondly Croc Crete has been designed by an industrial chemist to not just react when in contact with concrete and other Portland cement products, but to dissolve and soften them. Finally when Croc Crete has completed its work, the blockage can be cleared from the pipe using hydro jetting, wet-vac, rodding or which ever is allowed from access provided to pipe. This is the easiest and the most efficient way croc crete has brought into the market to get rid of the cement, concrete , and secondly any kind of construction material or waste stuck into the pipelines.

Croc Crete is known for its excellence and is the best solution worldwide to this everyday solution. So immediately buy your croc crete and see the magic. It will surely wipe off all the waste material out of your pipelines in no time.

Croc Crete will soften and dissolved the Concrete and other Portland Cement
Products that are blocking drain pipe and other pipelines. This is a way of how to clear a drain blocked by cement with CROC CRETE

Croc Crete is available 1 Gal, 2.5 Gal, and 5 Gal containers.

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