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Easy removal of dried cement from steel equipment

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Cement is an excellent binding material, especially when it comes to construction and renovations. But it certainly becomes a nightmare when it sticks to steel rods, steel plates, concrete mixer trucks, and other tools as it risks their lifetime and productivity, and removal of cement becomes an utmost necessity.

When we are generally doing some sort of construction work we use different tools which help us with our trades. After completing our work we realise that some cement sticks to the steel plates, steel bars, and steel rods, which limits the life of these steel and iron plates. This results in reducing the capacity and working efficiency of that tool.

So, what should we do in order to maintain the strength and life of these bars, rods, and plates? How can we remove dried-up cement from them?

Simply, wash these with the help of a chemical that helps in removing concrete.

Which cement removal chemical is preferable?

When we think of the best product that will surely suit our taste and will work wonderfully to remove dried-up cement from steel rods, steel plates, and other steel items of industrial importance the first name that comes to our mind is “ Croc Crete”.

Croc Crete is basically a cement remover chemical made up of a biodegradable solution of chemicals that are capable of removing even the stuck driest cement from your items with greater efficiency.

It is even useful for removing dried stuck concrete, mortar, and concrete slurry from different items made from steel.

Why Croc Crete?

You should prefer Croc Crete because:

Croc Crete is a highly efficient chemical cement dissolver. It aids in the removal of dried cement. Croc Crete is “efficient in service and easy on the pockets”. It is quite economical and anyone can purchase it. The biodegradable solution of Croc Crete makes it eco-friendly. It does not harm the environment at all. 

An easy procedure for the removal of dried cement

As soon as we use a cement remover we may encounter some fresh stains. Rinse off these freshly formed stains. Washing off the fresh stains helps to ease the struggle of removing dried-up cement later on. Small-scale splatters should be dealt with, with a putty knife. Or one has to simply purchase a container of Croc Crete and then follow the following steps:

Apply Croc Crete onto steel rods, steel plates, and tools that have dried-up cement stuck to them.

  • Let the active formula work.
  • Allow it to sit for a few minutes say 20-30 minutes.
  • Then, gently rinse off the paste.

And, yeah your steel items are there as new as ever. Note: please contact us before use on steel to verify compatibility. Croc Crete will etch stainless steel, extra caution must be used.

How to deal with different steel equipment?

Steel bars: Steel bars often get stuck with dried-up cement during construction. Soak the steel bars in a solution of Croc Crete and it will efficiently remove all the dried-up cement and concrete.

Steel beams: Steel beams are often used for the construction and renovation of different buildings and ships. Stuck cement can often lessen its productivity and strength. The easiest and safest method to get rid of cement is to use Croc Crete cement and concrete dissolver.

Steel bars and rods: Steel bars and rods are used as materials to strengthen the concrete in different masonry and construction structures. These avoid fresh concrete from spillage. The cement in concrete becomes stuck with steel bars and rods and dries and hardens over time. The best method is to use Croc Crete for the safe and extreme removal of dried cement without having to worry about corrosion because Croc Crete is inert and corrosion free helps in the easy removal of cement.

Precautionary measures 

While dealing with chemicals you must consider safety measures:

  • Safety first: Always wear safety equipment when handling cement dissolvers.
  • Read the label: Before using it make sure you read the label and instructions carefully and consult the MSDS.
  • Avoid long exposures to cement remover: Cement removers are made to ease our difficulty but we should avoid long exposures because they may have damaging effects.
  • Throw off the excessive residue: Try not to dispose of it on the lawn or any other place. Just throw it at the outdoor garbage dump. Try not to dispose of the residue, neutralize it with water before disposing of it.

Summing up all

It can easily be inferred that dried stuck-up cement on any steel equipment can reduce its strength and efficiency and the only way to get rid of it is by using the mild chemical dissolver Croc Crete, which not only serves the purpose but it is also quite pocket-friendly and of course eco-friendly. Guaranteed, its safe to use with the proper equipment and efficiently removes dried cement from steel equipment. The buyer should always consider these qualities before purchasing a product.

Precautionary measures are a must-do while dealing with a chemical dissolver.

Make sure you buy enough dissolver to fulfill your need. Here, we have Croc Crete available in 1 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon, and 5 Gallon.

Croc Crete is available in stores and online. Click here! to learn more about it.

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